Fiscal Responsibility

Recent events have highlighted the need for both city and county officials to closely scrutinize our financial transactions. It is our responsibility to ensure that our taxpayers' hard earned money is spent wisely and on the type of expenditures it was intended to be used for. As a County Commissioner, I would bring the experience and expertise necessary to assist the Commission in this endeavor.  I have both an accounting and financial background and know how to balance resources. I am a small business owner and I have also worked on numerous Boards and understand the need to work together, as a team, to resolve and manage financial issues. I have managed multi-million dollar budgets both professionally and as a volunteer on community boards. I have worked cooperatively, with many groups, to manage and provide oversight for financial management.

Transparency” is almost a cliche these days.  However, it is the root of public service.  The county is using funds that belong to our citizens.  We have a responsibility to let people know what we are doing with their money as well as why we are doing it. I want to be a part of the team that builds better transparency and accountability. We should all be good stewards of the county money entrusted to us.


I think early education and the opioid crisis are two of the most significant issues facing families in our community.

I have worked, most recently, to build collaboration between local community partners to make NC Pre-K more accessible in our community. As the Chair of the NC Childcare Commission, I have worked for the last six years to address many of the challenges facing early education. I work with other childcare professionals to balance State requirements with the provider’s business model to meet the needs of children and families. Cost of care is one of the most significant barriers to access. I believe I can bring expertise to the Commission to aid in evaluating and finding solutions to these barriers.

As a business owner, I have witnessed the horrible reality of opioid use. I try to be a mentor to my employees.  It broke my heart to lose someone who had so much potential but could not escape the struggles of their addiction. I have attended many talks and information sessions on this topic to learn how to begin to address our community's crisis. I believe it is imperative to work in a collaborative way with law enforcement, drug counselors, former addicts and families to try to prevent loss. I have worked with a local rehab program to better understand and work with individuals to manage their addictions.

Our Future

The future requires that we assess where we have been, where are we now, and where we want to go. Sometimes, we have to ask hard questions to get to the bottom of any issue. We struggle to be willing to stop where we are, evaluate our issue, and consider that there might be a new path. Hindsight should always be twenty-twenty, but only if we pay attention and learn.  We live in a great community and we all want the best for our home. The future looks brightest when we all work together to find the best solutions. As a member of the County Commission, I will listen to all concerns and opinions so that all feel heard. It is one of my strengths to be able to listen and hear all viewpoints.